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Thibault Verbiest


Here are a few accounts from readers and book reviewers of the initial French edition of Amalek:

“Written with the pen of a seasoned veteran by a beginner novelist… now here’s a book that we’ll be hearing about.” RTBF (Belgium French speaking Radio and Television)

“A remarkable piece of work, I must recommend it.” La Pensée et Les Hommes (Men and thoughts), Belgium radio program.

“Exciting, moving, surprising…  Great read!”

“History is embedded in history! We go from one era to another, without distinguishing reality from fiction.”

“I feasted! A beautiful story that moves. A breathtaking read on a new topic. Fast in style and the sequence of plans.”

“A fascinating story with complex and global issues that takes us on a journey through time and space in the heart of Europe and the Middle East.

Very well researched and truly inspiring work!”

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Interview by Ashton Addison, CEO of EventChain.io

Interview by Ashton Addison, CEO of EventChain.io