– The 5.0 book edition becomes a reality! – The 5.0 book edition becomes a reality!

Discover the first Ethers and ERC20 Tokens sales platform:

  • Without intermediary distributor
  • Available 24/7 worldwide
  • Secured by smart contract

The project

From the author to the bookseller, the book distribution chain is complex and threatened by online distribution platforms. Millions of people hold crypto-currencies as well as “tokens” originating from many blockchain projects. This growing community is now looking for ways to use its crypto-assets for daily expenses.
CryptoBooks.Club offers the cryptosphere, for the first time, the opportunity to buy books in tokens, while transparently remunerating all actors in the production chain!
Thanks to smart contracts, the transactions will be transparency between all stakeholders, buyers, authors, publishers, translators…

The launch

15/11/2018 : Discover my novels Amalek (in French and English) and Libre (in French and soon in English).
Buy these books with your ERC20 tokens and receive your epub, mobi (kindle) or pdf book!

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