“Libre” is now available in English!

“Libre” is now available in English!

After multiple atomic explosions Moscow, Tel Aviv and Washington are demolished and become uninhabitable. In the aftermath of these attacks, a new global Consortium is created, an almighty Devcon. Under the pretext of eradicating In the aftermath of these attacks, a new global Consortium is created, an almighty Devcon.

Under the pretext of eradicating nuclear power and obtaining approval from the United Nations, Devcon has secured control over all the energy sources on the planet.

Every year Devcon hosts the « Game » in international waters with the intent to use the proceeds to transform a piece of rock into an energetically autonomous island, which in reality has become an instrument of gigantic manipulation of power and acquisition of wealth on a global scale.

Anna, a disbarred lawyer, is one of the participants in the Game.

Aided by an invisible hand, she will navigate the dark corridors of hidden history, discover unspeakable secrets and face an invincible enemy…

From artificial intelligence and virtual reality to nazi Germany and Nicola Tesla, through secret vaults in Switzerland to the self-discovery of Ayahuasca, this brisk new thriller will take you on a journey to the ambiguous future just to dive deeper into a more puzzling past.

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They left to save Israel. They landed in hell.

Brilliant debut of Thibault Verbiest in his international science fiction novel, where he merges Ray Bradbury classic time travel and teleportation, with a thrilling Dan Brown style apocalyptic threat by religious fanatics aimed to destroy both Iran and Israel.

Visibly substantial research in Second World War, deep knowledge of Kabbalah and background work with theoretical physicists allow Thibault to take a reader on a wild ride of picturing a real possibility of an untied plot between Islamic extremists and American Evangelists to bring to life an ancient prophecy of second coming of Christ.

Under a threat of a nuclear explosion and a global catastrophe of biblical proportions, Israeli special forces Mossad along with CIA built a secret unit of 9 soldiers in a desperate attempt to stop an all the sudden spiraling nuclear holocaust. Using a highly classified and newly developed, yet still unstable and extremely dangerous technology, specially trained group of elite commando is being teleported to an underground Egyptian base… but mistakenly appears in 1943 Nazi occupied Poland.

Amalek is a skillfully executed first fiction novel of a seasoned columnist and a social policy writer, that in its core demonstrates a heroic love story and reconciliation of profoundly different religious believes. All sons of Abraham, Muslims, Jews and Christians abandon their perceived discrepancies to unite under one common goal of piece. A much-needed message in the world of rising hate crimes today.

“Exciting, moving, surprising… Great read!”

“History is embedded in history! We go from one era to another, without distinguishing reality from fiction.”

“I feasted! A beautiful story that moves. A breathtaking read on a new topic. Fast in style and the sequence of plans.”

“A fascinating story with complex and global issues that takes us on a journey through time and space in the heart of Europe and the Middle East.
Very well researched and truly inspiring work!”


Update September 2018

The second edition of Amalek, enhanced with scenes cut in the initial edition, is now also available in paper book!

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